Fisher Manager®  started R&D studies of the special assistant software for fish farms in 2018. Interviews with fish farm managers and valuable experiences of fish farm managers were analyzed in detail. Since it is not a real solution that meets the needs in the fish farm sector, feed costing is the main topic, but a software has been developed that can calculate all factors affecting the cost of fish and calculate these costs on the production costs of your farm. 


In our team, together with fish farm engineers and consultants experienced in the sector, a software team experienced in the field of software for 10 years or more works. Under the leadership of  our consultants,  we strengthen our Fisher Manager® infrastructure day by day and continue to work on the way to better. Fisher Manager®  is an advanced and completely designed software that can meet all the needs of a fish farm, especially feed, stock, accounting and medical processes.



Fisher Manager®  Su Ürünler Teknolojileri A.Ş. it aims to be a globally recognized brand of our country with its 100% domestic investment.


The aim of the Fisher Manager®  company is to provide software and technology that is unique to the fish farm industry, allowing all processes needed to manage a fish farm in the most optimal way.