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Virtual Assistant For Your Fish Farm

We manage your feeding, accounting and all production processes in your fish farm with Fisher Manager® software.

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Reduce Your Costs While Managing Your Farm with FisherManager® Assistant Software

Would you like to easily manage your farm from anywhere with the internet with a software that includes all side processes beyond the main tasks such as feed, stock, inventory and accounting?

What is FisherManager®?

In your fish production facility; Being able to monitor processes in real time, optimize costs, increase your efficiency and realize quality-based production are among the most important factors that will bring you profitability.

FisherManager® is a comprehensive and customizable software designed to optimize your entire production process, reduce costs and improve management of your company.

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Virtual Assistant with Cloud Technology

We provide the efficiency of your business with our servers designed to provide high performance and uninterrupted service. We provide our services under our confidentiality agreement that guarantees data security.


  • Technical Analysis
  • Data Security
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Technical Support
  • Advanced Reportin
  • Mobile Compatible

Advantages of FisherManager


You have a real time production control. You can follow up all stages from hatchery to fish farm ready for harvest. You can access your reports whenever you want.


You can access the software from a computer, mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection and internet browser. No additional program or application is required.


Access to the system is provided with a username and password. All transactions made by users are stored in the system. In this way, it can be seen which user is doing what. In addition, if any erroneous operation is made, the transaction can be undone without data loss. While all this is happening, your data is stored in the most secure databases in the world.


Within the framework of the "Confidentiality Agreement" that we will sign under legal conditions, your data will not be shared with third parties or institutions.


Increasing your productivity means using resources efficiently, minimizing mistakes and avoiding waste. In this way, you will contribute to a sustainable world.


We support quality standards such as GLOBAL G.A.P., ASC, ISO and all improvements to be made within this framework. In addition, your business will rise to a more competitive and prestigious position in the global market.

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